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 Report: Scorpio

         Description: Persons born in the astrological sign Scorpio (Skorpius): 24.10.-22.11. Individuals born in
Astrological sign scorpio: 24 OCT - 22 NOV Scorpio October 23-November 22 I enjoy or I destroy

Transformation and processing.
Psychology Power Needs. Willpower and sexuality
The hidden and all that ever was ousted
Ruler Pluto;
- Indicates how to deal with deep inner changes
- How sexuality is experienced as a total surrender to the other.
- Shows where your "dark side" in order to speak with Jung: you meet shadow.
Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign. Scorpios stubbornly Cling to emotional attachments. They rarely forget or forgive emotional rejection. They have to learn that Jealousy and possessiveness are self-defeat. Rech Anne Ling negative feelings and experiences into constructive activities benefits others as well as themselves. No other sign has the emotional strength of Scorpio.

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# Person ID Last Name First Name Birth Date Birth Place Tree Living
1 I344                   
2 I264                   
3 I261                   
4 I5                   
5 I3                   
6 I76  Braganza/Johnson  Adrienne Carmelina  13 Nov 1951  Kirkee India   marianne 
7 I82                   
8 I6                   
9 I1                   
10 I529                   
11 I523                   
12 I88                   
13 I18  Coutinho  Ida Winifred  19 Nov 1928  Limbe, Nyasaland (Malawi)   ClaudeCoutinho 
14 I122                   
15 I1                   
16 I5                   
17 I312                   
18 I17                   
19 I191                   
20 I4  De Souza  Eliza Destina  6 November 1939  Assagao, Goa   ltdsouza 
21 I268  DeSouza  Joaqimzinho  30 October 1881  Siolim, Bardez, Goa, Portuguese India   Pereira 
22 I1                   
23 I6                   
24 I3                   
25 I1                   

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