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 Report: Sagittarius

         Description: Persons born in the astrological sign Sagittarius (Sagittarius): 23.11.-21.12. Individuals born in
Astrological sign Sagittarius: 23 NOV - 21 DEC Sagittarius November 22-December 21 I want right

Recompense and opinions
Higher studies. Law. Abroad
Ideals, Religion. Freedom Drang
Ruler Jupiter
- Do you find the consistency of things, your always the why of things
to ask and as new insights and knowledge than to contribute
- Makes you aware of what you see as the truth
Sagittarius is the Mutable-Fire sign. Restless energy and the need for personal independence keeps Sagittarians moving in many directions. They become experts at adapt to whatever culture and clim happens to fit their current interest. Always ready to travel for business or pleasure, and sometimes because of an overwhelming urge to escape (either figuratively or literally), they are all too willing to bypass the confinement of responsibility and work.

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# Person ID Last Name First Name Birth Date Birth Place Tree Living
1 I263                   
2 I29  Antao  Maria Natalia Santa Anna  15 December 1911  Chandor, Salcette, Goa   Pereira 
3 I8                   
4 I13                   
5 I4                   
6 I21  Coutinho  Cyril Victor Bernard  15 Dec 1940  Limbe, Nyasaland (Malawi)   ClaudeCoutinho 
7 I8  Coutinho  Shaan Michael  12 Dec 1970  Lunzu, Malawi   ClaudeCoutinho 
8 I10                   
9 I8  D'Mello  Philip  10 Dec 1996  University College Hospital, London.   dragonfly 
10 I9  D'Mello  Sandra  12 Dec 1959  Nairobi, Kenya   dragonfly 
11 I199                   
12 I18                   
13 I316                   
14 I438  Da Silva  Humberto  6 Dec 1929  Chake Chake, Pemba, Sultanate of Zanzibar   Pereira 
15 I4  Delaney  Helena  05 Dec 1965  Dublin, Ireland   dragonfly 
16 I338                   
17 I297  Dias  Mervin  15 December 1945  Nairobi, Kenya Colony.   Pereira 
18 I296  Dias  Remedias  12 December 1904  Arrosim, Salcette, Goa, Portuguese India.   Pereira 
19 I397                   
20 I7  Fernandes  Maria  19 Dec 1912    TheFernandes 
21 I7  Fernandes  Rosa Carlota  8th December 1909  Goa   ltdsouza 
22 I16  Gonsalves  Lucy  4 December 2012  Goa   Lisettemc 
23 I1  Gracias Pereira  Fransisco  25 Nov 1932  Calata, Majorda   judith 
24 I13                   
25 I518  Lobo  Genevieve Lucy  17 Dec 1922  Steamer Point, Aden   Pereira 

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